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            EMAIL: sales@hplc.com.cn


            Science Technology (Hangzhou) Inc.

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            • Cause ZHEDA

            • 1998
              N2000 CDS came out in Analysis Institute of Zhejiang University, first CDS in China.
            • 2003
              Sales of CDS increased to 5000 sets, which the first in China.Import American technology, began to research of Model 500.
            • 2006
              Surwit Technology Inc. set up in Hangzhou, launched the STI501 HPLC System
            • 2010
              Launched VI2010, first countercharge CDS in China, accord with GMP Certification. Open the oversea market.
            • 2011
              LC-10T HPLC system came to market
            • 2012
              LC-10T plus and STI 501 plus updated
            • 2014
              Autosampler launched to market. Oversea market expanded to America, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, India, Hungary and other countries.
            • 2015
              Web CDS had been launched.
            • 2016
              OEM HPLC and GC CDS provided
            • 2017
              QP-10Tvp Quaternion low pressure system liquid chromatograph, SGPCS- gel chromatography purification system, N2000+ chromatography data system launched
            • 2018
              Gc2010 Gas chromatography system launched
            • 2019
              Exclusive agent of micro instruments pressure sensors in China